Padded Satin Stitch

This is satin stitch with a little embossed or dimensional look. This is because we first give the pattern a little padding at the base before doing the satin stitch. I will illustrate this stitch using a leaf pattern.

You need to know any basic straight line stitch like chain stitch, outline stitch, or back stitch, to do the outlining. You also need to know the satin stitch.

Fig 1: First, stitch an outline of the pattern to be done. I have used chain stitch to outline, but you can use any straight stitch like the back stitch or the outline stitch. Fig 2: Once the outline is done, fill the inside of the pattern with straight stitches. You can fill it up with chain stitch too. The idea is to give a padding for the satin stitch that we will be doing, so we need not make this stitch to cover the pattern entirely.
Fig 3: Once that is done, do the satin stitch to cover the pattern. The needle needs to go in and out of the fabric from outside the chain stitch. Fig 4: The completed pattern will look like this.
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16 Responses

  1. Valentina Google Chrome Mac OS says:


    Im trying to make this model and i would like to know what do you think about this stich: wich technichque is it on the eye?

    Thank you!
    Saludos desde Chile!

    • sarah India Google Chrome Windows says:

      If I understand right, you want to know the stitches used in the eye.
      The black outline is done using chain stitch. The red outline is done using back stitch. Orange and yellow have been used to do Pekinese stitch around the iris(looks like two layers). Then, the eye is filled in with french knots in green and black. Red french knots are used in the edges of the the eye.

  2. Nichole United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    I have to say I LOVE your tutorials! I had to give you a shout out on my little crafty blog ( This one was really helpful for a piece I recently did for a friend.

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