Raised Fishbone Stitch

This stitch is typically used for leaf patterns. It throws out a padded effect on the motif. The stitch looks a bit difficult but has no complications when you start to stitch. In fact, you will enjoy it as you see a beautiful, richly filled leaf emerging as you go along.

I have used a leaf pattern to illustrate. It is divided into three lines, namely, A, B and C, which will act as the respective stitch lines.

Fig 1: Bring the needle out through the topmost tip of the leaf. Now, take the needle in through B at a point that lies half way in the stitch line. Bring the needle out through A, at a point that lies horizontally parallel to the point on B. Fig 2: After pulling the needle out, take the needle through C and out through A, as shown in the picture. Pull the needle out.
Fig 3: We again put the needle through C and pull it out through A, only this time, from the bottom of the stitch on B. Fig 4: Continue this process of stitch. Each new stitch between C-A falls right under the previous stitch.
Fig 5: The padding effect takes place as we keep stitching. Fig 6: Half way through, our stitch would look like this. Continue the process to finish the leaf. The stitches done over the other half of the leaf would fall over the existing threads from previous stitches. This adds to the raised effect of the leaf.
Fig 7: Your finished leaf looks more or less like this.
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41 Responses

  1. Quisiera si es posible que me mandas algunas enseñanzas de kas hermosas que realizas.muchas gracias

  2. mariela Argentina Google Chrome Windows says:

    Me encanta que compartas el talento didactico que posees….gracias!!!

  3. Eloisa United States Google Chrome  SM-N910T Build/KTU84P) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/ Mobile Safari/537.36 [Pinterest/Android] says:

    Sarah, I love the raised fishbone stitch. It loves so easy that I will b trying it soon. Thanks Eloisa

  4. Isabel Chile Google Chrome Windows says:

    Solo quería darte las gracias por tus tutoria de bordado que me han servido mucho.

  5. Steph United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Hi, what kind of thread and needle should I use for this technique? I’m new to stitching and embroidery : )

    • sarah India Internet Explorer Windows says:

      Steph, you can use a simple embroidery needle. Embroidery needles are just like the normal stitching needles…just that they have a slightly longer eye to accommodate embroidery threads. Hope this helped! 🙂

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