Bonnet Stitch

This stitch is very decorative and easy to do. Bonnet stitch is worked from right to left. I will work between two straight parallel lines to show this stitch.

Fig 1: Start by bringing out the needle from point A in the lower stitch line. Then, Take the needle in through B and out through C, both slightly angled from A, as shown. Fig 2: Now, take the needle from under the the stitch A-B, without plucking the fabric beneath, as shown.
Fig 3: Pull out the needle and see a twisted effect happening. Next, put the needle in through A and out through D, a point directly below C. Loop the thread under the needle and pull out the needle. Fig 4: Begin the next stitch, by taking the needle in through E and out through F. There is a slight gap between C and E.
Fig 5: Observe how the needle goes out of the stitch near D before going in through the fabric at G. Keep on with this procedure. Fig 6: A finished row looks like this.
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  1. vijaya India Mozilla Windows says:

    wow…. your simply amazing ma’am…. I just love your website… I know basic freestyle hand embroidery… but I can learn more from your website… thank you for sharing your knowledge to us…

  2. neha United Kingdom Google Chrome Windows says:

    hi sarah,

    its neha again sorry to say this but the link says”the xml file doesn’t have any style information associated with it ” then its shows some document tree:)

  3. meena dedhia India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    i loved it very interesting easy to follow and jssss creative but want some knowledge for zardoshi, stitching bead or other sequences and crochet too and thanx a lot for this site for housewives like us who dont go out for sch tuitions thnx dear

  4. vijiyalakshmi Norway Opera Mini Unknow Os says:

    thankyou rocksea

  5. vijiyalakshmi Norway Opera Mini Unknow Os says:

    thankyou Radhika

  6. Stuti India Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Firstly I would like to congratulate you on creating this treasure trove of embroidery. I absolutely love it and I am going to start doing some basic stitches for practise before getting into designs. I just wanted to know how does one trace designs on to the cloth? Also if we use a pencil to draw on the cloth, will the pencil marks go away after washing? Pls help
    Many thanks
    Stuti – Mumbai

  7. vijiyalakshmi India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    sorry sarah i don’t know how to upload my embroidery images.

    • rocksea Google Chrome Windows says:

      hi vijayalakshmi, just like you uploaded the doc file, you can clikc on the choose file below the comment box, and select the photo of your embroidery, one at a time. That will put a link here in the text box, and then you can press submit. Try once again 🙂


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