Blanket Stitch

This stitch is simple and easy, yet a beauty. It is called blanket stitch as traditionally, it is used to stitch the edges of blankets. It not only gives the blanket edges a nice look but also secures it. This stitch is now used in many other crafting projects as well. This is one of the most sought after stitches.

Blanket stitch is often confused with the buttonhole stitch. Or, rather, it should be said that blanket stitch and buttonhole stitch are often considered to be the same. While some extensive research would logically explain that they are not.

While both stitches are used to secure edges, buttonhole stitch is a sturdier stitch to secure edges of buttonholes. So, traditionally, tailors would use the buttonhole stitch to hand sew the edges of buttonholes.

Blanket stitch can be sewed from left to right or right to left. I prefer the left to right direction. I have illustrated this stitch between two horizontally parallel stitch lines.

Fig 1: Bring the needle out through A. Take the needle in through B. Take it out through C, a point in the same stitch line as A. Loop the thread under the needle as shown. Fig 2: Pull out the needle. Continue with this process till the end of the line.
Fig 3: A portion of the finished blanket stitch would reveal like this. Fig 4: The blanket stitch can be given an interesting look by just altering the length of the vertical stitch as shown.
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  1. Aimee Aimee Google Chrome Windows says:

    Thank you for a great explanation. I was looking online for a similar idea and really appreciate it

  2. ELAINE GREGORY United States Google Chrome  SM-G900P Build/MMB29M) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/56.0.2924.87 Mobile Safari/537.36 says:

    I just wanted to drop a quick thank you for all of your embroidery information. Your site is amazing & inspiration for many! Thank you so much 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Maybe United Kingdom Google Chrome Windows says:

    The first tutorial on blanket stitch that makes sense! Thank you. 🙂

  4. Deepika India Google Chrome Windows says:


    I would like to buy your applique designs. Can anybody customize it on a fabric so that I could use it over pillows or bedsheets or anything…. If anybody could make customized appliques please contact. It would be very helping.

    Thanking you.

    Deepika Saboo.

  1. August 13, 2016

    […] de Mountmellick (Mountmellick stitch); su interior, con círculos de festón o diente de chucho (blanket stitch). Para completar la decoración del velo añadí unas mostacillas en celeste, amarillo y […]

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