This is a very easy, decorative and interesting stitch. The final effect resembles a spider web, thus, the name. It can be used as an embellishment stitch.

I will work between five straight stitches, though  more numbers of straight stitches can be used. Just remember to keep odd or uneven numbers of straight stitches. Usually, five or seven straight stitches are preferred.  I have not left any space in the centre, but you can do so to bring about another effect.

woven_spider_wheel_1     woven_spider_wheel_2
Fig 1: First, use five straight stitches to make a star shape, as shown.   Fig 2: Bring the needle out from the centre.
Now, start weaving the circle around the straight stitches, by taking the needle under every alternate straight stitch.
woven_spider_wheel_3   woven_spider_wheel_4
Fig 3: Keep going around the straight stitches without plucking the fabric underneath. You will notice that you will be going above the stitches you went under, the last time.   Fig 4: A finished woven spider wheel would look like this. The number of times you want to go around the straight stitches depends on how you want it. Each time, it will give a different effect. Here, I have almost finished going around the straight stitches.