This is a  decorative stitch that can be done easily on any form of fabric. This stitch includes ‘ weaving’ a circle between four straight stitches. This stitch can be incorporated between any other stitch that has straight stitches, like, between a group of cross stitches.

woven_circle_1      woven_circle_2
Fig 1: First, stich four staright stitches, with a gap between them, as illustrated.   Fig 2: Now, bring the needle out from the inner end of one of the straight stitches.
Take the needle around beneath the remaining straight stitches, as shown. Do not pluck the fabric underneath.
woven_circle_3   woven_circle_4
Fig 3: Now, go around the second time, under each straight stitch.   Fig 4: Come back to teh point from where we started. End it by taking the needle into the point from where it emerged the first time, as shown.
woven_circle_5   Fig 5: The woven circle would look like this.