Also known as: ribbed spider wheel, raised spider’s web wheel, back stitched spider’s web

This stitch will, definitely, remind you of a spider’s web. It has a raised effect and can be used as a very decorative piece in your embroidery.

This stitch can be worked on any number of straight stitches, that is, even or uneven. While going around the staright stitches, each stitch is whipped, which in turn gives a final raised or ribbed effect.

I will work between five straight stitches with a common central point. You can also leave a gap in the centre to bring a different effect.

whipped_spider_wheel_1     whipped_spider_wheel_2
Fig 1: First, make straight stitches with a common centre as shown.
Bring out the needle through the centre and go under the first straight stitch. 
Note that if you are leaving a gap in the centre, you need to bring the needle out from the inner point of one of the straight stitches.
  Fig 2: Now, whip around the straight stitch, as shown. Do not pluck the fabric underneath. Move to the next straight stitch and whip around it.
whipped_spider_wheel_3      whipped_spider_wheel_4
Fig 3: Continue this process by going around, each time, whipping the straight straight stitch before movign to the next.   Fig 4: A completed whipped spider wheel would look like this.