Also known as: the queen anne stitch

This stitch is a kind of darning stitch. It is a good filling stitch, which can , probably, be used instead of the satin stitch. Layers of parallel stitches are laid horizontally. Then, stitches are made vertically, weaving through these horizontal laid stitches, going up and down alternately. The stitches will cross each other at right angles. The tutorial will make this clearer. The space between each stitch is subject to the person embroidering. They can be laid very close to each other or even spaced out sufficiently. While using this technique to fill spaces, it is generally done with a little of the background shown through the spaces.

I will work with sufficient spaces between the stitches to make the technique of the stitch clearer. This stitch can be done with single colored thread instead of two, as in the illustrations.

weaving_stitch_1         weaving_stitch_2
Fig 1: Lay down stitches horizontally, as illustrated. Follow the sequence marked on the picture to understand how they were laid.   Fig 2: Now, we start the vertical stitches. Begin from the top side of the laid stitches, as shown. Take the needle under every alternate stitch. Do not pluck the fabric. When the end is reached, take the needle into the fabric, bring it up again from a little distance on the side, and take a return journey. Continue this process.
weaving_stitch_3   Fig 3: The completed block of weaving stitch would look like this when spaced sufficiently.