Threaded Arrowhead Stitch

This is a decorative version of the arrowhead stitch. Again, it can be used to creative beautiful out linings or borders.

You need to know the arrowhead stitch to be able to continue with this tutorial.

Fig 1: Make a horizontal row of arrow head stitches. Fig 2: Now, bring the needle out with a contrasting thread, from one end, as shown. Pass it under the two arrow head stitches as in the picture.
Fig 3: Turn around and pass it under the two arrow head stitches and the next stitch, as illustrated. Fig 4: Repeat the process for the rest of the row.
Fig 5: A finished row looks like this. Each angle of the arrow head stitch would be circled by the contrasting thread that was woven around it. \
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9 Responses

  1. Diane Gasior United States Google Chrome Mac OS says:

    Thank you for so many great ideas.. I shared your blog today.

  2. hemapriya United States Safari  Android 4.4.4 XT1022 Build/KXC21.5-40 says:

    Thanks sister your tutorial is superb am very happy I love it thank u sooooooo much sister

  3. Sam United Kingdom Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Great blog post, I can see you put some effort in here.
    This tutorial is superb, it tells me exactly what to do to create the stich 🙂

  4. Viv Netherlands Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hi Sarah,

    First your work is so amazing, I love it. Can you please tell how to follow your blog?

    I cannot get the url in my Google Reader list. So I’ll get all the updates in my list.

    One day I even may attend one of your workshops if I can combine my travel in India and the workshop. Well that’s all for the future and hoping it may come true.


  5. Seline Australia Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hi. These tutorials are fantastic. I can very clearly see how to do each stitch. Most tutorials for this stuff I find are usually very inadequate.

    I’m new to the embroidery idea. I have a friend who wants a script embroidered onto velvet, probably using a glittery thread like gold or silver, can you recommend which stitches to concentrate on for writing words in this situation. As I said I am new and would appreciate a little guidance here from the experts 🙂 Thanks heaps

    • sarah India Internet Explorer Windows says:

      Dear Seline,

      I suppose the letters you will use will be small as your friend wants to embroider a script. So, I would suggest satin stitch. You could use rows of chain stitch or split stitch too, but since she will use metallic thread over velvet, I am not too sure if it is such a good idea.

      I hope this helps.

  6. tina United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    salam sarah how r u?
    ur stitchz very nice….. ur great sarah.

  7. Shiny Jerry India Google Chrome Windows says:

    Excellent experiment from Sarah.
    Thank You. Helping all beginners to do the stitches easily

  8. Andy Lloyd Williams (Mrs) United Kingdom Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Just come across your embroidery tutorials on Pinterest and they are fantastic. Thank you so much. I particularly love the threaded arrow head stitch.

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