Straight Stitch

This is the most basic of the stitches. To know how to bring the needle in and out through the fabric is perhaps the most essential necessities of learning how to stitch. This tutorial will teach any novice how to do this. Straight stitch can be used in a variety of ways to create different effects.

Fig 1: Bring the needle out from the fabric, at a pint A. Fig 2: Put the needle in through a point B, as shown. This creates a single straight stitch.
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  1. Anitha Google Chrome Windows says:

    Dear Sarah
    I found your site just now and it is really amazing..Thank you so much ..

  2. Barbara Pampel United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    This is just an incredible site and I get lost in it every time I visit. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

  3. Hope United States Chrome for iOS iPhone says:

    I’ve been making samplers based on your tutorials! Here’s my sampler for this family!

  1. November 17, 2015

    […] stitch was the basic straight stitch. I chose light green cotton embroidery floss and made a swirly square design, free hand sewn. […]

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