This stitch can be easily done to make a variety of effects. As the name suggests, two straight stitches are connected to form an arrow shape. A series of such arrows can create nice looking borders or can be creatively used in pattern designing. These arrows can be used horizontally to form easy zig zag patterns too. It can also take on curves pretty well.

You need to know the straight stitch to be able to continue. This stitch will be illustrated between 3 parallel curved stitch lines- A, B, C.  

arrow_head_stitch_1      arrow_head_stitch_2
Fig 1: Start by bringing out the needle through a point in A. Take the needle at an angle through a point in B.   Fig 2: Now, bring the needle out through a point in C and back to the point in B. This makes an arrow. Continue this process in a vertical manner.
arrow_head_stitch_3   Fig 3: A row of arrow head stitch looks like this.
arrow_head_stitch_4   Fig 4: Arrow head stitch can also be made horizontally. Stitch A-B, C- B. Then, stitch C-D, E-D. And so on…