Whipped Stem Stitch

The Whipped Stem Stitch is a wonderful variation done over a foundation of the Stem Stitch. It is easy to create a blend of two colors with this stitch. It also gives the Stem Stitch a fuller look.

Fig 1: Lay a foundation of stem stitch. Bring out another thread through the start point and pass it through the first stem stitch. Fig 2: Continue this winding action between each stem stitch.
Fig 3: You should finally get a pattern as shown.
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  1. shybi India Mozilla Windows says:

    will u please show me any work in this ….

  2. shybi India Mozilla Windows says:

    hai sarah,

    glad to see this stitch…awwwwesome.



  3. marie Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of) Google Chrome Windows says:

    hi, send me pdf stichs by email please .thanks a lot

  4. Margie Australia Google Chrome Windows says:

    I wanted to say thank you so much for having these tutorials up! I’m doing textiles at school and this has been a big help for my year 12 project as I’m doing a lot of hand embroidery on it. The tutorials are so easy to follow step by step and it’s really easy to know whether I’ve gotten the stitch correct or not with the pictures. (:

  5. WhitePineLane United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:


  6. Marlin Binoy United Arab Emirates Unknow Browser Unknow Os says:

    wow..i love this one!

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