Cable Stitch

Also known as : Side to Side Stem Stitch

This uses stem stitch and outline stitch alternately. The final effect is a line with a โ€˜brickedโ€™ look.

To make the logic clearer, I have drawn a temporary stitch line with a pencil. A stitch line is through which all stitches will be running. Now, note that all the stitch points in cable stitch will fall ON the stitch line. I will be working this stitch from left to right. This instruction is for right-handed learners.

Fig 1: Bring out the thread out through A and put it in through B. Take the needle backward to bring it out through C. Note that C lies halfway between A and B. Fig 2: This creates a single stem stitch.
Fig 3: Now, take the thread in through D and bring it out from B. Take the point D in such a way that B lies halfway through C- D. Also, the point B will lie BELOW the stitch C-D. This will create an outline stitch.
Fig 4: Continue making a stem stitch and outline stitch alternately to get a final brick-like effect.
Fig 5: The reverse of the fabric will give you a back stitch pattern.
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3 Responses

  1. Yesha Philippines Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Oh!Sarah!I’m Sorry for my little Negative comment in your other page in Stitches.But Sarah!Thank You so much!It really helps me how to sew this Cable Stitch!love Ya Sarah!

  2. Amy Kelsch United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hello Sarah:
    Just had to say how much fun it is to come across your embroidery tutorial! I am just dabbling in embroidery and was blessed to come across your helpful info.

    Thank you for sharing it with others,
    Amy Kelsch

  3. Poonam India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    hi Sarah
    u r doing good job. only because of u i have larn various types of stiches i have know only straight stich & chain stich.

    carry on.

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