Brick Stitch

Also known as: Long and short stitch

This stitch is a way of filling patterns, especially when the pattern is very big for the satin stitch to be followed. Here, the stitches are laid in a brick-like fashion. Shading can be done using this stitch by using a different colored thread for each subsequent row.

Here, the pattern is divided into smaller sections. Every alternate stitch will be small and half the size of the previous stitch. This is how the brick like effect comes into being. The lesson will help you to understand this.

My pattern to fill will be a leaf shape. Click on the picture for a zoomed in version.

Fig 1: The leaf is divided into sections marked by A, B, C, D and so forth.
We begin stitching from the broader end of the leaf towards the stitch lines A and B alternately. The stitches falling on A are short and the stitches falling on B are long.
Fig 2: Now, we stitch the next row. This time, all the stitches will be of the same length. So, stitches from A will fall on C and stitches from B will fall on D.
Fig 3: Keep tapering the stitch as you go down. Note that, it is only in the first row that we do the stitches long and short. For the rows that follow, all the stitches are of the same length, but show up long and short due to the effect we made in the first section. 🙂
A finished leaf would look like this.
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  1. Tipton United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Thank you for making this website! It is so helpful and put together beautifully. It’s really better than all the embroidery books I’ve ever looked at. Kudos to you!

  2. Claudia Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    This tutorial is just what I needed this very second. Thanks for posting!

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