Stepped Running Stitch

Stepped running stitch is just two parallel rows of running stitches. Each stitch from each row will lie in between two stitches of the other row. This ‘stepped’ structure will give an opportunity to create various embroidery patterns using a different thread. You may make more than just two rows of running stitch and try out your own variations as well.


Stepped Running Stitch: Lay the foundation by doing two parallel rows of running stitches . ‘Step’ the second row, as illustrated. Note that A lies between W and X, X lies between A and B, and so forth.
Variety 1
Fig 1: Take another thread and needle out from near A and pass it under A and W without plucking the fabric underneath. Now, turn the needle around and pass the thread under X and A. Fig 2: Now, pass the needle under B and X, without plucking the fabric underneath. Continue this pattern of action for the remaining stretch of the stepped running stitch.
Fig 3:The final effect would be as shown above.
Variety 2
Fig 1: Take another thread from near W and pass it under W and A, without plucking the fabric underneath.
Now, pass the needle under the thread, and then under X, as shown in the picture. You will get your first twisted pattern.
Fig 2: Again, taking the needle from beneath the thread, pass it from under B. This makes the second twisted pattern. Continue this action for the entire stretch of the stepped runnig stitch.
Fig 3: Continue this ‘twisted’ pattern to give it a final braided effect
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    These are nice Sarah

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    It is awesome

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    Hi Sarah!

    If not for your page I would have given up on embroidery by now. You make things so clear that I have no problems with the instructions. I have told all my friends to look here for tutorials.

    Thanks so much!

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    hi sarah
    its wonderful site. thank u for ur hard work. i was looking for a good site to learn all hand stitches n my search end here. i know basic sewing. would like to start everything wt u again. so plz tell me which materiel should i buy ? linen or any cotton? and do u have completed design projects pic too? would like to finish a project? tx

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