Also known as: Rice grain stitch

This stitch uses simple straight stitches in a single direction to fill in patterns. Visually, it is more or less like the darning stitch, but there is a slight difference: It has shorter stitches above the fabric and longer stitches on the reverse side. They remind of strawberry seeds, probably, which inspired its name. 

Often seed stitch is confused with the seeding stitch due to the similarity in its nature and name.

I am going to work inside a leaf like pattern to demonstrate this stitch and its use. Seed stitch adds texture to the fabric while adding strength to it.

seed_stitch_1     seed_stitch_2
Fig 1: Make rows of short running stitch as illustrated. You need not do row after row, as long as the strawberry seed pattern is more or less maintained.   Fig 2:  Try not bend with the curves of the pattern. The rows of running stitch should essentially be done in straight lines.