Japanese Darning Stitch

This stitch incorporates the darning stitch and the Holbein stitch. This stitch a kind of lovely geometric pattern that can be used as a patterned filling over large areas.

You need to know the Darning stitch and the Holbein stitch to understand this tutorial.

Fig 1: First make rows of running stitch in a brick-like manner, as you would in darning stitch. Try to keep the stitches longer and the spaces shorter for a better effect. Fig 2: On the return journey of the stitch, join the running stitches on the upper and lower adjacent rows. These straight stitches that will join the running stitches would be slightly angled, as shown.
Fig 3: The finished pattern would look like this.
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12 Responses

  1. Seepra Rath India Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hello maam,
    i am a beginner in fashion world….actually i want to know every type of stitch and drawing related to fashion….when i feel i know 70% then i will join any fashion institute…..i understand your all stitch in running stitch but i don`t understand this one…can you give me a video tutorial for this



    • sarah India Google Chrome Windows says:

      Dear Seepra,

      Sorry that I won’t be able to make a video tutorial for this stitch.
      It would be better if you search the internet for another tutorial for this stitch. You might be able to understand and follow after checking different instructions.

  2. khursheed ahmed India Google Chrome Windows says:

    Dear madem,
    i am artisan of hand embroidery, i work on fabric such as dresses, hand bags, cushion cover, pillow cover, X-mass decorations items etc.i am government card holder of this art.please see my products. i have attached sample, i would like to work with you, please give me a chance & i will satisfy you with my work ability.
    thanking you
    sincerely, khursheed. khushy70@gmail.com

  3. jasmin shabeer United States Safari  Android 4.0.4 GT-P3100 Build/IMM76D says:

    The concept is really innovative and amazing.keep it up.

  4. alia khursheed United Kingdom Google Chrome Windows says:

    hi sarah
    i m mailing u again because in the previous mail i forgot to mention about the name of the stitch so the name of the stitch is LOAD STITCH so plz sarah i hope u up load that load stitch thanks a million

  5. alia khursheed United Kingdom Google Chrome Windows says:

    hi sarah i m really really happy that u responsed back and gave me some hope that u will up load that magnanimous stitch but unfortunately i m nable to find out this sitch and if have found out this stitch they have made the complete flower but not have have given the step by step instructions as u have have given in your tutorial so thats why i cant learn it so plz ho long will it take for u to up load this stitch i m really thankful to u again that u gve me some hope really thanks a lot i will be waiting for your positive response

  6. alia khursheed United Kingdom Google Chrome Windows says:

    hi sarah i had posted my comment previously what i anted to ask for afavour is that can u plz guide me step by step as u have taught in your tutorials LOAD STITCH i m desperate to aern this stitch i hope u consider my post and not only response me back rather guide me steps as well i ill be extremely thankful to u for this favour of yours thanks alot if u need myemail id so plz let me know when u response me back i will give my email id to u

    • sarah India Internet Explorer Windows says:

      Dear Alia,

      I will consider to add load stitch tutorials. Do understand that making a tutorial takes some time and it could not be done immediately. In the meanwhile, I hope you could find any other source to learn this stitch from.

  7. Sadhana India Chrome for iOS iPad says:

    Your entire set of tutorials are amazing , was wondering if we could use them on our educational website with due credit to you of course.

    On a personal front , my daughter was interested in buying a sewing machine and wanted to order a Singer Futura online
    whereas I recommend a less expensive Usha

    Look forward to your advise , thanks so much.

    Fondest regards

    Dr Sadhana Parashar

    • sarah India Internet Explorer Windows says:

      Dear Dr Sadhana,

      Sorry for not being able to reply earlier as we were on a two weeks long vacation to places with no internet access. We got back just yesterday.

      It would be ok to use our tutorial on your educational website with due credits. Please let us know of the website link that you will be using our materials on.

      About the sewing machine…I have a singer (talent) sewing machine and I am extremely happy with it. It is a bit more than the basic machine. When I was scouting for machines, I found the same range of Usha machines to be more expensive. I personally feel a Singer machine would be good and worth the money. Hope this advice helps. 🙂

      Warm regards,

  8. Sumona Bangladesh Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    u r wonderfull…..

  9. Sowmya. S India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Wow…!!! Superbb…!!!

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