The darning stitch is about making rows of straight running stitches near each other. The technique of darning is used to mend  torn clothes, especially socks and looks like a woven patch.

A fabric is made of weft and warp yarn. Weft is the yarn that runs vertically, while warp is the yarn that runs horizontally. They interlock with each other to form the fabric. While mending torn fabric, the darning stitch is used to ‘rebuild’ the weft and warp of the worn out area.

This lesson, however, will show you only the ‘back and forth’ stitch technique of darning stitch. The purpose is to use this lesson as reference for Embroidery works (and not to mend clothes 😀 ). The most popular embroidery where darning is used for embroidery purpose is the pattern darning.

You need to know the running stitch to be able to do darning stitch.

Fig 1: Do a row of running stitch, starting from A and ending at B. Then, turn around and begin the second row of running stitch from C to end at D. Keep this process of stitching rows of running stitches back and forth. Note that each row is ‘stepped’ in order to get a brick like formation.

You can turn a couple of rows of darning stitch into a base for beautiful patterns like we did in parallel running stitch and stepped running stitch.