This stitch is worked similar to the palestrina stitch, but in an entirely reversed fashion. We work this from right to left. What was right becomes left and left becomes right. Top becomes bottom and bottom becomes top. 😀

I will use a curved stitch line to do this stitch.

reversed_palestrina_1      reversed_palestrina_2
Fig 1: Bring the needle out through A which lies slightly above the stitch line. Then, take the needle in through B which lies on the stitch line, right below A. Bring the needle out through C which lies on the left of B and on the stitch line.   Fig 2: Take the needle under the stitch A-B without plucking the fabric beneath. Note that the needle is angled below the point C.
reversed_palestrina_3   reversed_palestrina_4
Fig 3: Now, bring the needle from under A-B, but this time from above the point C. Loop the thread around the needle as shown.   Fig 4: Pull the needle out to form the knot. Continue the procedure to form more knots on the stitch line. 
reversed_palestrina_5   Fig 5: A finished line of reversed palestrina stitch would look like this