Surrey Stitch

This stitch can be used wonderfully on the edges of the fabric to make a threaded effect. It can also be used in successive rows, and later trimmed and cut to make a velvet filling or a bushy effect. This tutorial will only teach you the technique of doing this stitch. Ideally, this stitch sits better on an even weave fabric, but you can also do it over a normal fabric, as illustrated.

Work between two closely drawn parallel stitch lines.

Fig 1: Go in through A, and come out from B, in the lower stitch line. Leave the thread open.
Now, go in through C, a point directly above A and in the above stitch line. Keep the open thread towards the left, as shown.
Fig 2: Bring the needle out through A as shown.
Fig 3:Now, take the needle in through D and out through A, as in the Fig 1.
Do not pull the thread all the way out. Instead, leave the loop at a length that you desire.
Fig 4:Keeping the loop long, take the needle in through E, and out through D.
Fig 5: Keep up with this processes for the entire row. Remember to keep the loops hanging and at a similar length. You can either leave it like it is, especially if doing edgings. Fig 6: Else, you can cut the loops to give it a different effect. You can make rows of such stitch to fill a given area. Later, you can cut and trim the threads for a bushy feel. In such a case, remember to begin form the bottom row and work upwards. This will keep you from begin bothered by the threads of the previous row!
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  1. Pujashree Panda India Google Chrome  Redmi Note 3 Build/LMY47V) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/62.0.3202.84 Mobile Safari/537.36 says:

    Hi Sarah.
    How can I see your previous posts,i.e, your previous stitches that you keep uploading in this forum?

  2. letchumy Hong Kong Google Chrome Windows says:

    hye..sarah from malaysia ..i want to learn but its looks so difficult ..can i get any step 2 step to do the stiching

  3. Deasy Indonesia Netscape Navigator iPhone says:

    Dear Sarah
    I just found your websites…. your explanation is very simple for me the beginner. Thank you 😘

  4. Anjali Sreejith United Arab Emirates Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hi Dear, I am a big fan of you. I started learning embroidery from your site. Could you pls tell me what kind of embroidery to be used to design a bird on dress (as attached)

  5. Dear Sarah
    I love embroidery. I found your website in 2013. Your website is very resourceful. The group I am part of it, we teach different art of needlework. I am teaching embroidery.
    I use your site for reference. Thanks for your knowledge. God bless you. From: Puerto Rico.

    Ana V. Gonzalez

  6. Penny Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hello Sarah,
    Thank you for this site. I find your instructions for the stitches very helpful and clear.
    One comment I have on website itself. I find it very hard to get to a stitch; the selection menu keeps disappearing. It would be easier to have a list of stitches somewhere with links to click on; and also it would be nice to see all stitches of one family together, so that you can scroll down through them.
    Also, in the master list of all stitches, it would be nice if there was a picture of each stitch. Now I have to click on many stitches till I find the one that I need for a certain task, because I may not know the name of what I am looking for.
    Thanks! And happy stitching.

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