Pistil Stitch

Also known as: Long french knot

This is a decorative stitch. We can also say it is a motif stitch which can be used for the purpose of making flower pistils or similar looking patterns. There is not much hassle in doing the pistil stitch and is just a variation of the french knot. I would say, pistil stitch is to french knot just the way long-tailed daisy is to lazy daisy! The only difference is a little longer tail.

It is good if you have the knowledge of French knot before beginning this stitch.

Fig 1: Bring the needle out through the fabric, say, from point A. Place the needle near A to the point where you want to put in the needle.
Wrap the thread around the needle twice as shown.
Fig 2: Keep the longer end of the thread pulled with the other hand, as you would while doing the french knot. This keeps the wrap securely held to the needle. Put the needle in through the other end, say point B. You will finish one pistil stitch.
Fig 3: This is how a small gathering of pistil stich will look like.
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  1. I am so excited about finding your tutorials on Embriidery! These are the best I have ever seen and at last I am doing embroidery that is actually pretty and doesn’t look like a bunch of knots! However, I have a problem. You did a tutorial for a chain stich that connects each chain with a circle. I want to use this stich but I can’t remember what it was called and I can’t find it again. My attempts to do it with out instructions just looks like a bad chain. What is it called? How do I. Find it again?

  2. leela India Google Chrome  GT-S7582 Build/JDQ39) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/30.0.1599.82 Mobile Safari/537.36 says:

    Hi Sarah

    First of all lot of thanks for your Web page creation… really it’s amazing. .. I don’t know anything about tailoring also embroidery. . Am blank.. just I learn basic in tailoring… but am interested in doing colorful works in my saree salwars and blouses using stones and jammiki. . I spend 10 thousand rupees for my marriage blouses three . It’s full of hand embroidery. . Suddenly I got thinking to learn embroidery for my upcoming birthday on Nov 15.. so I searched. .. I got u… wow it’s really great… more designs… and u got interested .. Thank you lot Sarah. . Tomorrow am going to try my 1st embroidery. . Actually am college professor… but more interested in these activities.. Thank u once again.. I will update latter. .

  3. sadaf Pakistan Google Chrome Windows says:

    love the french knot

  4. Sarah
    What kind of needle would you recommend while using Perle cotton. I struggle to thread it through the eye even with a threader. And if the eye is big often the needle is too thick for delicate fabrics.

    • sarah India Google Chrome Windows says:

      Dear Sobana,

      When doing embroidery, use the embroidery needle…they have longer eye to accommodate thicker threads. Sometimes, even an embroidery thread can be small for the kind of thread we want to use. I have struggled with it too.At such occasions when I tried using a threader, I have either damaged the threader or broker the needle!The best idea is just use the next bigger size of the embroidery needle that can take the thread in. Else, we can only try hunting for a needle with thin shaft and big eye.

  5. saranya India Google Chrome Windows says:

    your website is usefull. i cant subscribe to your site , as there is some problem. please check in soon.

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