Indian Edging Stitch

This a very pretty looking stitch with a lot of scope to experiment with. I suppose this stitch is used extensively in certain kind of Indian embroidery, the reason why it has its name. It can be combined with embellishments like beads and sequins to get fabulous outcomes.

Fig 1: Make a stitch A-B. Come out from C, a point in between A-B, but comes out under the stitch A-B . Go in through A and come out from D, a point straight above C. Loop the thread as shown. Fig 2: Pull out the needle to get the above result.
Fig 3: Now, take the needle in through B, and come out through a point just next to C. This point lies above the stitch A-B. Fig 4: Take the needle in through D and come out from E, a point straight above D. Loop the thread as shown.
Fig 5: Pull out the needle out and make a small stitch at E to pin down the loop as you would in a Lazy Daisy stitch.
You can come out from B and in through F to keep continuing with making more stitches in a row.
Fig 6: A finished line of Indian edging stitch would look like this.
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  1. Jo Gabel United States Google Chrome  LG-K425 Build/MXB48T) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/57.0.2987.132 Mobile Safari/537.36 says:

    I just came across your site on Pinterest. I just started working with some buttons that I inherited many years ago. Looking at some ideas I saw that some were combined with embroidery. When I was a child 40 + yrs a ago I had a wonderful elderly lady across the street that taught me how to embroider. My love of the needle & thread have continued. But 2 children kept me busy but now I have time on my hands. Your stitches send waves of nostalgia through me. Thanks for your tutorials; some of the basics I remember but you have so many I have never seen! I will get some material & new thread soon! Right now I am beginning a baby quilt for my first born (& prob only one) grandson! I know better than to start on one until I finish the other! Sorry this so long, thanks again!

  2. R.Rana United States Unknow Browser Unknow Os says:

    Hello Sarah! Surrey stitch was a nightmare for me. But now I know how to make them..thanks to you. After looking your photos on surrey stitches I really hope I can manage these stitches nicely. Always a fond of your instructions. Thanks for your meaningful and helpful instructions.

  3. R.Rana United States Unknow Browser Unknow Os says:

    Hi.. Sarah😊 it’s my first message. I have learnt so much from you. In fact I always returns to your site whenever in trouble. I was sure that you have a solution for my queries. I learned so many stitches from you. I love your instructions and photos. They are very reader friendly. So please keep doing what you do and keep waking interest in embroidery for girls like me. Regards

  4. neelima India Safari  Android 4.0 says:

    Kindly help me with jaali stitch in chikankari. I will be so obliged 😊

  5. Erin United States Safari Mac OS says:

    Thanks for such a great site! I’m very much a beginner at embroidery, so I haven’t given this stitch a spin yet, but your tutorials have been very helpful. Once I get something done I am willing to show strangers (haha), I’ll post it.

  1. August 10, 2016

    […] el punto de borde hindú –más bien, encontré la indian edging stitch— gracias a mi maestra de bordado Sarah y su magnífico sitio Sarah’s Hand Embroidery […]

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