Four Legged Knot Stitch

This is a very easy stand alone single knot stitch. It looks like a knot in the centre of a cross. The legs of the cross can be made short or long, depending on how you want the effect to be. This stitch can be used as a stand alone stitch or can be used in multiples as a filling stitch.

Fig 1: As shown, Bring the needle out from A, in through B and out through C. The point C is in right angle to A and B. Fig 2: Now, take the needle under A-B without plucking the fabric beneath. Twist the thread from C under the needle as shown. When you would pull out the needle, you would get a knot over A-B.
Fig 3: To finish off, take the needle in through a point right angled to A and B, and in straight line to C.
You get a knot with four legs. The length of the legs can be adjusted by adjusting the distance of stitch between A, B and C.
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  1. rachida Algeria Google Chrome Windows says:

    ilove you sarah you are very helpful .thank you so much

  2. Dhivya India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Hi Sara
    I have tried many stitches from your site and they are all awesome. I am now embroidering a doll picture and was looking for a stitch that looks like a small dot, for the eyes. That is when i hit upon this knot. will try it out for my work. There are many people who ask me where i learnt the stitches from and I have referred your site to them. Thanks not only for sharing your knowledge with us, but also for sharing it in a very structured website with index and history. It makes it easy to refer 🙂
    Congrats and do keep adding stitches as and when you innovate one or come across one.

  3. sandeep buttar India Google Chrome Windows says:

    very nyc nd to easyyyyyyy..thxxxxxxx

  4. Perry Shaw United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    To assist in threading a needle for hand stitching, hold the end of the thread you are about to insert in the needle about 1/4″ from the end. This stiffens the end of the thread and makes it easier to poke into the eye of the needle. If you hold the thread too far from the end, the end becomes limp and won’t go where you want it to.

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