danish knot

Also known as: Danish knotted stitch

This is a simple, stand-alone knot. Danish knot can be used in plenty as a filing or scatter them around for decoration.

Fig 1: As shown, bring the needle out through A. Take the needle in through B, and out through C. The points B and C lies diagonally to A, making a triangle position. Fig 2: Now, take the needle under the stitch A-B, from the right and without plucking the fabric beneath. Next, take the needle under the stitch A-B again. Loop the thread around the needle as shown. Pull the needle out. This makes a danish knot.
Fig 3: To finish up, take the needle in just outside the loop to anchor the stitch.

A danish knot looks like this.

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  1. sarah United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hi Actinium, thanks! We wanted to make the website a bit more friendly to all our readers. I hope you enjoy the new version and have fun stitching.

  2. Actinium Netherlands Google Chrome Windows says:

    IT”S BACK! I’m so happy. I had just decided I wanted to try out some complicated stitches on my new aida fabric and then I went to this site and it was gone, I had just looked something up a day or two before but when I went to actually use it it was gone. This is the site with the most obscure stitches, categorised in the most practical way, as far as I can find.
    The new site looks nice by the way.

  3. Curtisfumb United States Google Chrome Windows says:


  4. Anneliese France Safari iPad says:

    A nice stitch – new for me! Thank you, Sarah!

  5. Hi, Sarah and Rocksea. Today I follow the tutorial for the danish knot, decorating the skirt of Coralia, WIP matryoshka doll.
    Greetings from El Salvador.
    María Tenorio

  6. Danish knot or detached palestrina stitch
    (orange thread)

  7. Reshmi India Internet Explorer Windows says:


    I am not able to upload the pic… 🙁

  8. Reshmi India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I liked your site a lot and I can tell you that you are very good teacher. You explains each and every lesson in such a way that even a beginner can master in hand embroidery with in no time. I learned hand embroidery in my school time and then I lost touch.. But not again started it and found your site as the most useful one. Each day I study 2-3types of stiches and try to do it . I have attached the first work I did (not so neat )


  9. mandeep India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    sarah plz provide different patterns on your site

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