Also known as: German knot, Snail trail

This stitch is done from right to left. The knots fall in between a trail of straight stitch. This stitch can be used for various different types of embroideries, especially in making stem patterns.

I will be working on a curved stitch line to show the flexibility of the stitch.

coral stitch 1   coral stitch 2
Fig 1: Bring out the needle out from A. Put in the needle through B and bring it out from C, both which lie on either side of the stitch line.   Fig 2: Loop the thread around the needle as shown.
coral stitch 3   Fig 3: Pull out the needle and you will see a knot formed. continue with the procedure of making knots.
coral stitch 4
Fig 4: A completed line of coral stitch would look like this. It gives a feeling of a thread docked down with tiny stitches. 😀