Coral Stitch

Also known as: German knot, Snail trail

This stitch is done from right to left. The knots fall in between a trail of straight stitch. This stitch can be used for various different types of embroideries, especially in making stem patterns.

I will be working on a curved stitch line to show the flexibility of the stitch.

Fig 1: Bring out the needle out from A. Put in the needle through B and bring it out from C, both which lie on either side of the stitch line. Fig 2: Loop the thread around the needle as shown.
Fig 3: Pull out the needle and you will see a knot formed. continue with the procedure of making knots.
Fig 4: A completed line of coral stitch would look like this. It gives a feeling of a thread docked down with tiny stitches.
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  1. Omj15 United States Google Chrome Windows says:


    Thank you for posting such amazing tutorials! I have been looking for this stitch for quite some time now, and I was able to find it though your picture reference guide! Keep up the awesome work!


  2. Mubaraka India Google Chrome Windows says:

    Dear Sarah,

    I really loved your tutorial alot, it has inspired me to start my stitching again as i had learned few stitches before but here i get to learn many more which is interesting and wonderful and i have tried on my rida too which gives an awesome look 🙂

    Thanks for such an easily understandable tutorial 🙂

  3. Saswati India Google Chrome Windows says:

    Dear Sarah
    I had been doing stitching as an amateur since last 5 yrs. However recently I have decided to gift my husband a “Panjabi” (as I’m bengali) on our first wedding anniversary.
    for the same I started searching the web and came through ur site. its awesome. I really appreciate the work done by you.
    However could you pls help me to complete the work? I have purchased silk as the fabric.
    Please help

  4. Laura United Kingdom Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    this tutorial is much easier to folow than another I tried! thank you, this is such a wonderful site.

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