Colonial Knot

Also known as: Figure 8 Knot

This knot looks pretty much like the French knot but has a different method of going about. While we wrap around twice in the same direction for the French knot, we wrap around in an ‘8’ shape to make the colonial knot.

To do this stitch, the awareness of French knot is good. This will help us to be clear about the difference between both.

Fig 1: Bring the needle out through the fabric. Now make a little hunch or a twist with the thread as shown in the illustration. Fig 2: Now, put the needle in through the ‘hunch’ that was made.
Fig 3: Wrap the thread around in the other direction of the ‘hunch’ so as to form a sort of ‘8’. Fig 4: Pull the longer end of the thread to tighten the wrap around the needle and hold it pulled.
Fig 5: Now, draw back the needle and put it in through a point near where it had emerged earlier. Make sure the thread is held pulled while doing this so that the wrap does not loosen or fall out of the needle. Fig 6: The finished colonial knot will look like this.
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  1. Josie United States Google Chrome  SM-T110 Build/JDQ39) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/54.0.2840.85 Safari/537.36 says:

    Thank you for showing me how to do the colonial french knot, and it looks like it is easy to do, once you figure it out.


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