This family has interesting members. I am not sure if this can be called a ‘family’ or just a ‘category’. But through my research, I stumbled upon a lot of ‘knotted’ stitches and decided to place them under one roof. There are some stitches with knotted characteristics that belong to other families, which I have not brought under this section. For instance, the knotted chain stitch is placed under the chain stitch family.

handembroidery sample: knots

Interestingly, there is a Palestrina family of stitches comprising of five  members that follow the ‘knotted’ method. I have placed them under a different section too.

Knotted stitches are either stand alones like french knots and colonial knots, or follow a series to make a line, like the coral stitch. A few of them can be used for filling of motiffs, or they can be used as motiffs in itself! For instance, the bullion knots can be used to make beautiful rose patterns. The knot stitches give an embossed look or a sort of 3D effect, and can be used in likes of Brazilian embroidery.

Often, learners find it intimidating to follow certain knot stitches. But, once learnt, it becomes an intersting part of their embroidery experiments. 🙂