Also known as : Knotted herringbone stitch, Coral knotted herringbone stitch

This stitch is done over a base of herringbone stitch. It is an incorporation of coral stitch over herringbone stitch.

You need to know herringbone stitch and coral stitch to be able to do the tied herringbone stitch.

Herringbone stitch: Make a base of herringbone stitch.
tied_herringbone_stitch_1 …. tied_herringbone_stitch_2
Fig 1: Now using a contrasting thread,  begin by bringng out the needle from the right end of the herringbone stitch, as shown. Now,  start working the coral stitch from right to left. Instead of going through the fabric each time to make a knot, we go under each ‘cross’ of the herringbone stitch. The knot will form over the crossing.   Fig 2: A finished row of tied herringbone would look like this.