Threaded Herringbone Stitch

Also known as: Barred Witch Stitch

This is a fancy stitch done over a base of herringbone stitch. This stitch looks great for border making.

You need to know how to do herringbone stitch before beginning this tutorial.

Herringbone Stitch: Make a row of herringbone stitch for the base.
Fig 1: Bring the needle with a contrasting thread out from the point A as shown. Now, pass the needle under the stitch A-B without plucking the fabric underneath. Fig 2: Now, take a turn and pass the needle under the stitch C-D.
Fig 3: Continue the process of ‘lacing’ between the herringboen stitches. Fig 4: A finished row of laced herringbone stitch looks like this.
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  1. Fau Brazil Google Chrome Windows says:

    Sou brasileira, moro em Aracaju/SE, amei esses trabalhos, vocês estão de parabéns.

  2. lakshmi India Google Chrome Windows says:

    from whom did u learnt ? wow!!!!!

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