Also known as: German interlacing stitch

This stitch requires a base of herringbone stitch, around which we weave using a contrasting colored thread. It is highly decorative and so makes a good stitch for borders.

You need to know the herringbone stitch to be able to continue with this tutorial.

Herringbone stitch: Make a row of herringbone stitch as the base.
laced_herringbone_stitch_1    laced_herringbone_stitch_2
Fig 1: Begin from the left end of the herringbone stitch row. Bring out a contrasting colored thread from the centre and take it up and down the ‘legs’ of the cross, as shown.   Fig 2: Go up and down the herringbone stitch and the working thread, like illustrated. We would be encircling each ‘crossing’ of the herringbone stitch.
laced_heringbone_stitch_3   laced_herringbone_stitch_4
Fig 3: After encircling the first ‘crossing’, we move to the next one.   Fig 4: Continue with the similar pattern of encircling before moving to the next ‘crossing’.
laced_herringbone_stitch_5   Fig 5: A portion of the finished laced herringbone stitch would look like this.