Also known as: Mossoul stitch, Plaited stitch, Catch stitch, Witch stitch

This is the basic herringbone stitch made of crosses that are not cut exactly in the middle, but in quarters. Herringbone forms the base for many embroideries across the word. It can also be easily incorporated onto aida fabric.

I will be working between two parallel stitch lines.

herringbone_stitch_1 …. herringbone_stitch_2
Fig 1: Bring the needle out through the first stitch line at A. Now, take the needle in through B, which lies diagonally across A on the second stitch line. Then, take the needle backwards out through C, which lies near B. Fig 2: Now, the same procedure will be worked on the first stitch line. Take the needle diagonally across to D and bring the needle backwards out through E.
herringbone_stitch_3 herringbone_stitch_4
Fig 3: Continue to make such crosses on both stitch lines alternately. Make sure the diagonal stitches are parallel to each other to bring out the best look. Fig 4: A finished sequence of herringbone stitch would look like this.