Herringbone Family

This stitch family can be considered a cousin of the cross stitch family. Like the cross stitch family, the herringbone stitch consists of criss crossing two stitches. The only difference remains that they do not cross over into exact halves but by a quarter the length. Also, the technique differs. Yet, there might be some stitches that share both the families.

Some technical similarities can also be seen with the chevron stitches.

Herringbone stitches are very old and can be seen in many ethnic forms of embroidery. It is a very interesting form of stitch that can be used in many ways to create various effects. The famous ‘Kutch embroidery’ depends heavily on herringbone stitch. Some mirror work also uses this stitch. Shadow work also involves using members of the herringbone stitch family. Crazy quilting, patch work etc…can use herringbone stitch easily to add up to their effect.

Herringbone Stitch Family


Herringbone Stitch


Threaded Herringbone


Tacked Herringbone


Tied Herringbone


Laced Herringbone


Double Herringbone

twisted lattice band

Twisted Lattice Band


Interlaced H’bone
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  1. shilpa India Google Chrome Windows says:

    thank u thank s a lot

  2. priya India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hai sarah i am not able to understand herringbone stitch
    when my tutor taught.But when i search in net i came to
    know about you.you have taught so simply and i finished my homework and i am going to submit it tomorrow.Thanks a lot sarah.

  3. Annie Germany Google Chrome Windows says:

    First of all: I had this crazy idea of embroidering a huge summer scarf with butterlfys and flower etc. I hadn’t done any needlepoint since I was a child so your webside was and is still a huge help. It is the best out there, and believe me, I even crossed language barriers to look for detailed advice.
    On one of the other side a found a Half Chevron stitch of the Herringbone Family which I do not find here. Maybe you could add it? Link: http://inaminuteago.com/stitchdict/stitch/chevron-half.html
    As soon as I produce something really nice I am going to share here.
    Thanks for all the help

    • sarah India Internet Explorer Windows says:

      Dear Annie,

      It is indeed wonderful to know that you have found our pages helpful, making all our efforts worthwhile. Yes, please do share your work here.
      I will try to add the half chevron stitch as soon as I get the chance. There might be a delay before I get back to addign more stitches as we had a baby 3 weeks back and she keeps us busy! 🙂

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