Whipped Fly Stitch

This is a simple version of how a row of fly stitch can be decorated using a contrasting colored thread.

To do this stitch, you need to know how to do the Fly Stitch.

Fig 1: First make a vertical row of fly stitch. To whip, take a contrasting thread and start from the tip of the first tail. Whip the thread around each tail as shown in the illustration. Be careful not to pluck the fabric beneath. Fig 2: A finished row of whipped fly stitch would appear like this.
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  1. Debra United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    Thank you so much for taking time to share these stitches with us. It is so helpful and I have learned so much.
    I have it bookmarked and come back often :O)

  2. Gurmeet Kaur India Safari  Android 4.0.4 A21 Build/IMM76I says:

    I did fly stitch on tunic. Waiting for your opinion.


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