Wave Stitch

This stitch is just an inverted version of the fly stitch. In fact, you will be making only one row of the inverted fly stitch, the subsequent rows are made by just looping it into the previous fly stitches! This makes very good motif fillings with texture. This stitch also gives you a lot of scopes to experiment with different colors. Try doing each row with different colors or shades to get a unique look every time.

You need to know the Fly Stitch to be able to continue with this tutorial. You can start working this stitch from left to right.

Fig 1: Make a row of fly stitches with a short tail, and slightly spaced from each other, as shown. Make sure they are inverted, and looks like an upside down ‘V’.
After you finish with the last fly stitch, turn around and come out from the next row, as illustrated. You can also start the next row fresh with a different colored thread.
Fig 2: Take the needle in through the first leg of the last fly stitch in the previous row, and take the needle in through the fabric to make an inverted V.
Come out again, and take the needle under the two legs of the previous fly stitches, as shown. Keep up with this procedure. Make multiple rows of such fly stitches to fill the motif..
Fig 3: A filled area would look like this.
Try experimenting with different shades and colors for each row.
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  1. Mieke Belgium Google Chrome Windows says:

    Love your stitch tutorials. Very clear and manageable. How can I get hold of your Hand Embroidery E-book? I live in Belgium.

  2. Cathy United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    I love your tutorials they are so clear and very easy to follow for me, a new person. Your a very good teacher with good pictures. I saved you in my favorites so can reference you when I need to. Thank you, Cathy.

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