Crossed Fly Stitch Filling

Also known as : Fly Stitch Filling

This stitch is done using rows of horizontal fly stitches in a particular symmetry to fill an area. Visually, it is similar to the trellis stitch.

You need to know fly stitch to be able to continue with this tutorial. Knowing closed fly stitch will be an advantage. I will be working between a series of horizontal parallel stitch lines.

Fig 1: Make a horizontal row of fly stitch as shown. The fly stitch should have a very short tail or anchor, so as to give it a V shape. You can refer the closed fly stitch tutorial for this. Fig 2: Now, start the next horizontal row of fly stitch below the previous one. This row would look like a mirror image of the first one. The anchors of the fly stitches in the second row would fall over the anchors of the ones on the first row.
They look like crosses pinned down in the middle.
Fig 3: Continue making rows of fly stitches to fill up the entire area to be covered. The illustration shows a sample of four rows. Each row would mirror the previous row.
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13 Responses

  1. Star Kaat United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


  2. Star Kaat United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Thank you for this site. Your visual tutorials are excellent. I am trying to match the embroidery in the image at this site, but am unable to ascertain what stitch has been used. It appears similar to your crossed fly stitch filling, but where yours has little anchor stitches, these appear to anchor under the fabric itself.

    Is it just a modified crossed fly filling? Completely different stitch? Thanks in advance.


    • sarah India Google Chrome Windows says:

      Hi Star Kaat.

      Yes, you are right. The stitch in the image looks similar to the crossed fly stitch filling, except for the anchors. Yes, like you said, the stitches in the image goes under the fabric to create the effect. Can I say it is a modified crossed fly filling?….maybe and maybe not. Maybe because, it gives a similar appearance and is easier to execute. Maybe not because, the anchoring is an essential part of fly stitch, so this is just a well done zig zag running stitch.
      Hope I gave you some ideas. πŸ™‚

  3. Brian Tabas Philippines Google Chrome Windows says:

    thank you for teaching me in stiches sarah πŸ™‚

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