Closed Fly Stitch

This a ‘closed’ version of the fly stitch. To enable this ‘closed’ or gathered look, the fly stitch is given a ‘V’ shape, instead of a ‘Y’ shape.

You should know the Fly Stitch to be able to proceed with this lesson.

Fig 1: Start by making a single fly stitch, but this time with the ‘tail’ as short as possible. For this, finish the tail by keeping it as close as possible to where it began. So, instead of a Y, you get a V shape. Fig 2: Now continue to make a series of such Vs, one behind the other and as close as you can, as shown. A small series of closed fly stitch would look like as above.
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  1. Paula Regler United States Unknow Browser Unknow Os says:

    what a great site for all us that love hand sewing

  2. Neidy Colombia Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hola! Sara está muy linda la puntada, se puede aplicar a cualquier diseño?

  3. gyram Philippines Google Chrome Windows says:

    i really love this site. 🙂 thank you for this. even though some of them is hard to make,.. but still i love it. amazing!

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