Fishbone Stitch

This is a kind of filling stitch which is ideal for making leaves or feathers. It requires us to divide the pattern into two and each side is filled alternately giving it a plaited effect in the center, thus ideal to make leaves or feathers.

I will work on a leaf pattern, which I have divided in the center with a stitch line. To make the lesson easier, I have named the lines X, Y, and Z.

Fig 1: To begin with, bring the needle out through point A, which is the top tip of line Y. Put it in through B, to make a single straight stitch. Fig 2: Now, bring the needle out from a point very close to A on the the line X. Put it in through a point very close to B on line Y. Again pull out the needle through a point very close to A on line Z.
Fig 3: This procedure of putting in the needle through X and Z alternatively will follow. Each time we will be connecting X-Y and Y-Z. Fig 4: Make sure all the stitch points lie close to each other to avoid any visible spaces.
Fig 5: Half way through, our leaf would look like this. You can see the rib being formed. Fig 6: Once finished, the filled leaf would look like this.
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  1. Namitha India Safari iPhone says:

    continuing on the below updated concern. Have drawn the leaf pattern as shown in the figure itself. Round in the middle and the same perfect leaf pattern

    • Sarah United States Google Chrome Windows says:

      Hi Namitha, from what you said, I think, the ‘V’ shape starts getting narrower as you keep stitching? What you can do is try to keep the ‘V’ shape from tapering by judging it with its width. If you look at Fig 6, you will see some slight gap between the stitches. This is a way to adjust and prevent the stitches from getting narrower and tapering. I was trying to maintain the width of the ‘V’ so that it does not become a problem towards the end.
      Don’t worry even if it takes a couple of tries before you get it perfectly.
      I hope this helps.

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