This stitch is so called as, unlike the regular feather stitch, we do not alternate the stitch between the left and right side, but to only one side. It follows the technique of blanket stitch, the only difference being that the stitches are slanted instead of being straight.

The stitch will be worked between two stitch lines A and B.  I will work this stitch from top to bottom towards the right side. This stitch can be worked towards the left side too.

single_feather_stitch_1      single_feather_stitch_2
 Fig 1: We bring the needle out through A and bring it out through B. Note that A and B lies in a straight line. Now, bring the needle out through A, which lies diagonal to B. With the thread under the needle, as shown, pull the needle out.    Fig 2: We continue the procedure. Notice that, unlike the feather stitch, this is a series of one sided ‘V’s.
single_feather_stitch_3    Fig 3: A finished portion of finished single feather stitch would look like this.