Closed Feather Stitch

Closed feather stitch brings the ‘V’s of the feather stitch together giving it a ladder-like look. It can be used as a decorative stitch with embellishments.

I will work between two stitch lines A and B.

Fig 1: Begin by bringing out the needle through the stitch line A. Then, take it through 2 and bring it out from 3,both points which lie on stitch line B.
Note that 1 positions diagonally to 2 and 3.
Fig 2: Now, take the needle in through 1 and bring it out through a point which lies just below it on the same stitch line.
Fig 3: Continue this process. A finished portion of this stitch should look like this.
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15 Responses

  1. Chris Safari iPad says:

    I am also having a hard time telling the difference between this stitch and the double chain stitch. Could you help gomathy and I with this?

    • sarah India Google Chrome Windows says:

      Dear Christina,
      Both these stitches are the same!
      It is just one of the rare stitches that I was forced to duplicate. Some stitches has technical elements from two or more families making it slightly difficult for me to place them into one single family. While this stitch follows the loop method of the chain stitch family, it also has a strong feather stitch technique in it. Maybe because chain stitch and feather stitch are distant cousins themselves! So, I ended up with this stitch in both the families. 🙂

  2. gomathy Safari  Android 4.4.4 XT1022 Build/KXC21.5-40 says:

    Hair mam,
    I have one doubt in the stitch same as double chain stitch or not

  3. Tina India Google Chrome Windows says:

    This is a great site! I loved it 🙂

  4. Hi, Sarah. I used the closed feather stitch for this girly-doll named Catalina.

  5. Susan United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    Thank you so much for the individual steps. I couldn’t figure it out from Sharon’s site, and this helped.

  6. archana India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    hi Sarah

    you web site is extremely brilliant!!!

    I came across your website accidentaly when a searching for some Kutch patterns…and Im so impressed the very first time itself.

    Your Kasuti lessons are really great..thanks a lot

    Can you pls publish some works on kutch also.


    • sarah India Internet Explorer Windows says:

      Dear Archana,

      Thanks for the interest shown. 🙂

      I will be publishign some tutorial on kutch work, but since I am tied up with some other projects at the moment, it might take some time.

  7. Pat Canada Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Love your page! My grandmother showed me how to do embroidery when I was young..(I am 63) I have wanted to get back into it and your page is going to be a great help. Thanks..

  1. March 3, 2013

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  2. June 7, 2013

    […] Una observación adicional: en esa misma zona roja de Pía, en el borde izquierdo, se ve una puntada en franja muy similar a la cadenilla doble, el punto de pluma cerrado. […]

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