The scottish cretan stitch is a decorative variation of the cretan stitch. Blocks of cretan stitches are made to make beautiful pattern for border. The look can be varied by making the cretan stitches bigger or smaller, or closed or open.

You need to know the cretan stitch to be able to learn this variation.

scottish_cretan_stitch_1        scottish_cretan_stitch_2
Fig 1: Start by making a few cretan stitches. In the illustration, I have a set of three stitches on either sides. Now, take the needle under the stitches on the left side, without plucking the fabric below.   Fig 2: Now, turn around the needle and take the needle under the stitches on the right side, as shown. This finishes one ‘block’ of the scottish cretan stitch.
Continue making such blocks of cretan stitch and repeat the process.
 scottish_cretan_stitch_3    Fig 3: A row of this stitch would look like this. I have used closed cretan stitch to do this row.