This stitch is an open variation of the cretan stitch. It gives a very spaced out look and defines the features of the cretan stitch clearly. It can be used imaginatively as a motif stitch or otherwise.

You need to know the cretan stitch to be able to do this stitch.

I will be working between four stitch lines A, B, C, D, to illustrate this stitch.

open_cretan_stitch_1         open_cretan_stitch_2
Fig 1: We start by bringing the needle out from B, taking it in through D and out again through C.  Keep the needle above the thread as shown.   Fig 2:  Now take the needle in through A and out from B, with the needle above the thread, as shown. Remember to keep the points spaced out enough to give it an open look.
 open_cretan_stitch_3   Fig 3: A finished row would look like this.