This family of stitches originated in the island of Crete, Greece. The women of this region have been using cretan stitch and its variations for several centuries.  

This stitch has a technical style similar to the feather stitch. So, I have put the cretan stitch family as under the feather stitch.

Cretan stitch is versetile and can be used in different ways to create different effects. For instance, by just changing the angle of the stitch, a new look can be created. The tutorials will explain this better.

I have divided this family into the following members:
1. Cretan stitch
2. Closed cretan stitch
3. Open cretan stitch
4. Scottish cretan stitch
5. Knotted cretan stitch

Each of these stitches, essentially, follows the same technique and differs only slightly from each other. They are used in accordance with the visual differences they make. When teamed up with other embellishing stitches, this family can be wonderful to work with. 🙂