Pendant Couching

This is an interesting variation of surface couching. The laid thread is left open at one end and pinned down at regular intervals. The laid thread is then pulled out slightly between two stitches to make pendant shapes. This great and creative variation of couching can be used for decorating edges and sides. It might require a certain amount of patience to create the ‘pendants’ if the stitch line is long. So, it is suggested to break a long line into shorter ones to manage it better.

Fig 1: Start by drawing two parallel stitch lines. Now, bring out a thread (red) for laying, from one end of the top stitch line. Keep it open. Fig 2: Now, bring another thread (brown) out, a little outside the stitch line, as shown. Keeping the laid thread over the stitch line, use the other thread to anchor it down using small stitches, as shown.
Fig 3: Once the entire line of laid thread is anchored down with little stitches, we can start making creating the ‘pendants’. Use the back of the needle and pull out the laid thread between two anchors, starting from the open end, as shown. Here, I start from the right end. Pull the thread only until the parallel stitch line. Fig 4: Now, Keep moving towards left as you progress in pulling the laid thread between each anchor. When you reach the left end, between the first two anchors, stop. Then, repeat the same process till you have pulled out a ‘pendant’ between each anchor.
Fig 5: Once you have pulled out thread between every anchors, you can take the open end of the laid thread into the fabric and knot it.
A finished line of pendant couching will look like this. You will see a series of ‘U’ shape which can be twisted to give a circle shape as you will notice in the picture. Either way, the irregularity is the beauty of this stitch.
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