Threaded Chevron Stitch

This is just a decorative variation of the chevron stitch family. You need to know the Chevron Stitch to be able to continue with this tutorial.

Fig 1: First, stitch a row of chevron stitch. Fig 2: Bring out a contrasted threaded needle from the left end of the chevron stitch row. Pass the needle in and out of the diagonal stitches, as shown.
Fig 3: A finished portion of this stitch looks like this.
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8 Responses

  1. Shobha India Google Chrome Windows says:

    Thanks a lot sarah these embroidery designs helped me a lot to recall my ideas actually i had learnt the embroidery 2 years back and did not practice and now completely forgot some of the stitch looking into your stitch steps I am able to recall that and do it again. Thanks a lot lot Sarah

    Loved the site

  2. Asha India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Beautiful website! I hope it’s OK if I mention your blog URL in my blog roll.

  3. suji India Google Chrome Windows says:

    could u plz tell the basic requirements for embroidery

  4. hi sarah how r u feeling i the same old writer who wants to learn about load stitch u promised me that u will manage to teach me so pl i m ooking forward for you tutorial about LOAD STITCH

  5. Maija Latvia Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hi Sarah!
    Your site is amazing! Thank you very much for giving us, creative people, so good and clear information about stiches. I really enjoy finding new things!

    Wish you good luck,

    from Riga, Latvia

  6. Lee United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Thank you for a great tutorial!!

  7. Prathibha India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Hi Sarah,

    You have a great site indeed where everything is so very clearly explained. The pictures are excellent quality too. Sarah, can you please explain how badla work is done. I know that it is done using thin metal strips in silver, gold etc and is seen mainly on chikankari dresses.

    Thanks in advance,


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