Chevron Stitch

This stitch follows a zig-zag pattern. It can follow easy curves and can be used creatively to create fillings.

I will work this stitch between two parallel stitch lines.

Fig 1: Bring the needle through A. Take the needle in through B, a point diagonal to A. Now, come out through C and go in through D, as shown. B would lie between C and D. Come out from B. Fig 2: Now, go in through E, out from F and in through G as shown. E lies in the middle of F and G. Come back out through E.

Continue with this process.

Fig 3: A finished line of this stitch looks like this.
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  1. Yesha Philippines Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I Love Your little tutor!Pretty Sarah!GOOD JOB!!

  2. Yesha Philippines Internet Explorer Windows says:

    hey!Thanks, but its not well enough!!!

  3. Gracias por considerar mi petición.

  4. Deseo suscribirme a tutoriales bordados a mano.
    Esta página nos maravilla

  5. Salinda Sheffels United States Unknow Browser Unknow Os says:

    I really appreciate your tutorials,, thank you

  6. deela maharaj Trinidad and Tobago Google Chrome Windows says:

    hi sarah, i fine that your embroidery is very interesting and fun.i would like to ask you some question for my art project in school. long have you been doing embroidery? you teach other poeple? you sell your embroidery items e.g t-shirt etc do you feel doing embroidery?
    5.when did you started doing emdroidery?
    6. who taught you embroidery?

  7. sarah weber United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    i am in the dress business, and am looking for an embroiderer to embellish my line. could you please respond to this message, so we can see if this is suitable for you and me. thanks


  8. Nikki Trinidad and Tobago Internet Explorer Windows says:

    hi sarah I got quite interested in embroidery an am enjoying it am doing this school project an would like you to answer some questions for me please 1. how you got into embroidery? 2. who taught you into embroidery? 3. do you have classes where you teach embroidery? 4. do u sell your work? 5. how do you feel about embroidery? I can not wait for your reply thanks a lot

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