Chevron Filling Stitch

This is an interesting stitch that can be used for fillings. It uses parallel rows of chevron stitches and adds texture to the filled motif. This stitch allows you to experiment widely with colors. For instance, you can use a different color for each row of the chevron stitch.

You need to know the Chevron Stitch to be able to continue with this tutorial.

Fig 1: Stitch a row of chevron stitch as. Start another row of chevron stitch right below the previous row. Fig 2: Fill in each gap made in the previous row while stitching the next row.
Continue making parallel rows of chevron stitches to fill the desired motif.
Fig 3: A filled area would look like this.
Try experimenting with different shades of a color for each row of this stitch. You can also try alternate colors for an interesting variation.
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  1. Rashmi K Ghanshani India Safari  Android 4.2.2 A500S_IPS Build/JDQ39 says:

    I require the hand stitches that can be used to fill the space between the double letters or shapes any other than satin stitch!
    Can u please show me the different ways to work on the alphabets and names!
    Waiting eagerly for your reply!
    Thank u so much for such a lovely and descriptive tutorial!

  2. Brenda United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    i am making Raggedy Ann Dolls I need to have a tutorial on Embroidery eyes, nose and mouth. Please send tutorial Thank you

  3. rajashree Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Just wanted to know the difference between floss and embroidery thread as a lot of western websites mention only floss. Can we substitute one for the other? And is floss available in India? I live in Mumbai.

  4. bhuvana Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    welcome back.. i;ve waiting 4 a long time for ur post …
    excepting more stitches soon..

  5. sarah India Google Chrome Windows says:

    I had been facing some technical problem for some time due to which I just became slow (or rather lazy) to post a new tutorial page. Now, I have found a temporary solution (a cheat way) to post my pages. Yaay! So, here is a tutorial, after ages…..
    Thanks for all the patience, and sorry for the delay!

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