zigzag chain stitch

Also known as: Vandyke chain stitch

This stitch is the incorporation of chain stitch in a zigzag manner. In other words, a zigzag chain stitch is done between two parallel lines instead of one. Ideal for any border embroidery, this is more of a decorative stitch.

I have used only one stitch line to illustrate this stitch. You may imagine a parallel stitch line over the one that I have marked. To do this stitch, you need to know how to do the chain stitch.

Fig 1: With the base on the stitch line, do a chain stitch loop. Fig 2: The stitch should be slanted at about a 45 degrees angle, from the stitch line. If it helps, you may draw a parallel stitch line as well.
Fig 3: Continue with the chain stitch procedure, but keep the needle at a 45 degree angle always, for every new stitch.
Fig 4: You should get a pattern like this when done on a straight line. You can try to follow curves too.
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  1. ANJALI Vijayakumar United Arab Emirates Google Chrome Windows says:

    Thank You Ms. Sara..I am so glad that you gave reply to my msg 🙂 Thanks a lot..

    Am sure I can learn a lot from you.

    So glad that I could find this Page..Thank u so much..

  2. ANJALI Vijayakumar United Arab Emirates Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hii, Sara…
    I am really a fresher to embroidery..Am Zero.. Can you please tell me if we should use embroidery thread for the works of the normal thread will do???

    • sarah India Google Chrome Windows says:

      Dear Anjali,

      If you are an absolute fresher, and at the moment have no embroidery threads, you can probably try out with the normal ones. However, it will not give you the desired results or a good experience of embroidering. I would strongly suggest that you use embroidery threads after trying out with the normal threads for a few times.

  3. Fatima United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    wow!Sarah this is totally amazing i was looking for something like and this was really helpful. Thanks so much

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