Whipped Chain Stitch

Done over a foundation of chain stitch, this stitch gives a whipped appearance and looks best if done with a contrasting colored thread.

Fig 1: Lay a foundation of chain stitch.
Use a contrasting thread and bring it out from A.
Take the thread through each loop of chain made to give a whipped appearance.
Fig 3: The finished pattern would look as shown.
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  1. Kath Cole New Zealand Safari  Android 4.4.2 GT-N5110 Build/KOT49H says:

    Fantastic pictures that shows the stitch technique very clearly. Thank you very much.

  2. Mathura India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hi Sarah,

    thank you very much for your lovely website. Helps a lot for beginners like me.

    Can you please let me know some good online store where I can buy embroidery threads?

    Mathura 🙂

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