Also known as: Slipped Detached Chain

This is among the few detached stitches in the chain stitch family. The name of the stitch is derived from its resemblance to the tulip flower. So, this stitch can be used to make tulip flower patterns or it can become a small part fo a bigger flower…of course, the imagination is yours! It can also be used as a filling in stitch to fill up patterns.

To be able to do this stitch, you need to know the lazy daisy stitch.

tulip_stitch_1                tulip_stitch_2
Fig 1: Start by doing a lazy daisy stitch as shown above.
Consider that A is the base of the lazy daisy and B is the tail.
  Fig 2: After putting in the needle thru B, bring it out thru C. C lies at about a 90 degrees angle from B and is about 2/3rd the distance from A. Note that this is just an approximate measurement I am using for a typical tulip stitch. You need not be strict about it.
Now, take the needle beneath the ‘tail’ of lazy daisy without plucking the fabric.

tulip_stitch_3   tulip_stitch_4
Fig 3: Now put it in through D which lies symmetrical to C.    Fig 4: A finished tulip stitch would look like this.