This variation of chain stitch resembles the open chain stitch, but with a ‘twist’. It involves some intertwining of two colored threads to bring the twist effect to this chain stitch. 

This stitch can be a little complicated to work with initially, but with little practice, you can handle it well. 

I will work between two slightly curved parallel lines to demonstrate this stitch. You need to know the open chain stitch to be able to continue with this tutorial. 

sinhalese_chain_stitch_1              sinhalese_chain_stitch_2
 Fig 1: First, bring out threads (pink) from ends of the two stitch lines, X and Y. Leave them open. Now, bring out a different colored thread (blue) from near X, but towards the inside. Then, loop this thread from under the previous open threads, as shown.    Fig 2: Now, take the needle in through B, a point near Y, but the inside. Take it out from C, a point on the stitch line. Then, loop the blue thread from under the needle, as shown.
sinhalese_chain_stitch_3   sinhalese_chain_stitch_4
Fig 3: Pull out the needle and tighten it enough so that it holds the pink thread in place. Again, loop the blue thread around the pink thread.   Fig 4: Repeat the process, as you would for open chain stitch. Take the needle in through D, a point in line with C, and inside the first loop. Bring out the needle from E. Loop the blue thread around and pull it out.
sinhalese_chain_stitch_5   sinhalese_chain_stitch_6
Fig 5: To end the stitch, Just anchor down the pink thread with the blue thread as shown. Then, take down the pink thread through the fabric.   Fig 6: A row of this stitch would look like this.